A Parisian Treasure: Pico Honoré

I was in Paris very recently, touring the 1st Arrondissement Chatelet les Halles and the Rue St Honore, a small street brimming with independent shops, including one of the most beautiful flowers shops I’ve ever been in. There’s a real sense of community here, with an abundance of local cafes and restaurants and a fine boulangerie to match. It was on the Rue St Honore – close to le Louvre and Jardin des Tuilerie – that I enjoyed one of the best coffees I’d had in a long time. Pico – a new enterprise which had been set up by the young man who served me – completely blew me away. I was drawn straight into its warmth off the cosy street it’s set back from. The coffee is beyond imagination! Rich in flavour and silky smooth in texture! And Pico serves a diverse deli-style menu throughout the day and into the evening – the brunch is said to be a prime attraction. What struck me was the friendliness of the staff, and their attentiveness to me and the other customers. I spoke to the barista, who turned out to be the owner and founder, and I told him how Pico reminded me of a dramatically similar place in New York. He showed the kind of enthusiasm that characterises the best entrepreneurs out there, asking me for the address and name of the NY café. The experience of seeing how dedicated the staff were to the service made me reflect on the importance of valuing customers. Pico’s staff were devotedly focused on our enjoyment. Ensuring that customers are served high quality food and drink by friendly, professional staff is vital to entrepreneurialism in hospitality. All too often, the customer becomes lost to the priorities of the business. Pico and its founder reminded me how pleasant and vital friendliness is to effective enterprise.