I arrived around 9pm local time, and we were received by a light but gentle rain and I actually did not mind it as it was quite pleasant after roughly a 12h flight,

so I enjoyed the touch of Brazilian rain on my skin as a welcome.

Copacabana was semi busy that evening and the taxi dropped me outside the “Emiliano hotel” kind of hidden between two tall buildings and here am I in this very quite discreet entrance leading me to reception, checking in was easy.

A friendly Hotel with friendly staff is what always makes your stay work out well.

Up to my room on the 6th floor and straight away I fell in love with the space spaciousness bright sunny a very airy room here for me to enjoy my stay.

But the most awesome bit was the fact that my room face Copacabana Beach and the sea look straight at me and look absolutely spectacular from the hotel balcony.

The space around this intimate bijoux hotel well use and smartly design

The breakfast dinner room was an absolute delight cosy, warm and quite.

But the surprise is on the 11th floor where the space have been neutralise to create this superb and chill out deck rooftop it’s a delight with the most spectacular view over Copacabana Beach…

Copacabana Beach it’s something out of this world

A great mix of people you will find here on Copacabana Beach you will find everything and everybody, vibrant, colourful, exciting, loud, I have not come across anything like this as a beach destination (unlike South Beach, FL, say, here the beach and street combines into one).

The only thing maybe in Brazil if you are not too much a meat eater the meat will always find you, they do love their red meat here.

Brazil, until next time.