Be adaptive. Be resilient.

Coronavirus is creating anxiety and suffering. Let’s not pull any punches: it’s scary and we’re facing a genuine threat. What’ll keep us strong in the face of all this is a commitment to being dynamic and present. So remember to look after your proverbial temple – healthy body, healthy mind!

I’m a believer in practising what I preach (I’ve been known like the rest of us to fall short on this! But a man’s gotta try!) so I’ve made a makeshift gym in the underused car park in the basement of my block. Launching a Plan B when our situation radically changes can make the difference between sluggish resignation and proactive adaptation!

Your Plan B is never as perfect as your Plan A – that’s why it’s your second resort! No need to run a marathon up your staircase, OK!

I’m using the limited space I’ve got to utilise the equally limited selection of home-gym equipment I own. I get the feeling that, somehow, we all know inside that we’ll feel less defeated if we get a bit of the buzz a regular workout provides!

It’s challenging, don’t get me wrong! The equipment I really wanted to get online nearly had that dreaded ‘out of stock’ subtext in red! And for starters I’m lucky to have this car park in the first place! But a little thing is infinitely better than nothing. We’re all gonna have to apply a little inventiveness and be modest in our ambitions (unless you have a JCB and the time to build your very own super-gym!)

The options abound if we’re pragmatic: bodyweight workouts, plyometrics, improvised weights (ever tried armchair overhead lifts!?? Now’s your chance!)

It goes without saying to work out safely and methodically, but once you’ve developed a structured and carefully executed plan, you’re gonna feel positive because you’ll be one step further from fear! Fear’s the biggest danger to our resilience. You can beat it by getting your Plan B up and running!

Don’t wait for summer. Be present and get moving! Take care