Where is today’s Messiah?

Where is today’s Messiah? The task lies ahead of us to improve our society, our economy and our community by putting policies into place that benefit us all, and having a true leader at the forefront of this task is absolutely essential. Weak, corrupt, disconnected or uncommitted leaders cannot design, promote and

Jumby Bay Island Resort

Jumpy Bay is just seven minutes away from the Antiguan mainland, and the second you arrive (by boat) you’re struck dumb by the coastline. For starters, the water is exquisite, and the scenery puts the island a world apart from anywhere else I’ve been. Once you hit the hotel deck a member

Jade Mountain Hotel St Lucia

This is a terrific place. Its now joined my list of favourite spots in the Caribbean! If you want something a bit remote and tranquil, this is definitely one to consider. The pandemic was, naturally, a slight barrier to fully accessing all the spot has to offer, but ultimately it simply couldn’t stop

The Art of Living at Home

Ginger tea & Manuka Honey
The Art of Living at Home They say home is where the heart is. We’re certainly becoming familiar with our homes thanks to social distancing! I’ve been doing my morning wake-up practice over the past week, listening to sound therapy tracks on iTunes and attuning myself to the day by being still

Be adaptive. Be resilient.

Be adaptive. Be resilient. Coronavirus is creating anxiety and suffering. Let’s not pull any punches: it’s scary and we’re facing a genuine threat. What’ll keep us strong in the face of all this is a commitment to being dynamic and present. So remember to look after your proverbial temple – healthy body,