A Weekend in Florence Italy

A Weekend in Florence Italy Last week I was in Florence, the Renaissance capital of Tuscany, Italy. Florence is steeped in artistic flair and grandeur but teeming with the lights and life of the modern world. It’s irresistibly beautiful, and only a short drive away from Pisa, Siena and Bologna. I stayed at

Saturday at the V&A

Saturday at the V&A Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams I went to check out the V&A Dior exhibition last weekend, and wow! It blew me away! Dior’s reliably exquisite garments are brought into dramatic life by the lighting in the room. There wasn’t a person in there not buzzing from the chic neon

A Parisian Treasure: Pico Honoré

A Parisian Treasure: Pico Honoré I was in Paris very recently, touring the 1st Arrondissement Chatelet les Halles and the Rue St Honore, a small street brimming with independent shops, including one of the most beautiful flowers shops I’ve ever been in. There’s a real sense of community here, with an abundance

An evening at The Soho Hotel…

An evening at The Soho Hotel… Last night, to wrap up the working week, I escaped the London rat race and retreated into the melange of colours and décor schemes of The Soho Hotel. My friendship group had arranged to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. I headed straight for the Hotel’s ‘Refuel’