This is a terrific place. Its now joined my list of favourite spots in the Caribbean! If you want something a bit remote and tranquil, this is definitely one to consider. The pandemic was, naturally, a slight barrier to fully accessing all the spot has to offer, but ultimately it simply couldn’t stop the experience from being awe-inspiring…

There’s a great sustainability ethos throughout the hotel when it comes to energy-saving and recycling. When we arrived at the Jade Mountain resort – a fair ride from the airport in the south – the first thing we noticed was the staff’s warmth and friendliness. Of the hotels I’ve come across in my travels around the Caribbean, this one shone out in terms of the quality of staff. From chambermaids to the ‘butler’ assigned to your room (called a ‘sanctuary’) and the restaurant staff, they were doting, friendly and a pleasure to talk to.

The hotel is close to the town of La Soufrière (named after the sulphur springs there) and the whole area is showered with tropical plants and sounds; the view from the rooms is of the Pitons, and it is truly incredible. The island has an abundance of character — it’s an invigorating breath of fresh air for the guest.

I booked myself in for some scuba diving with a staff team member called Bradley. I’ve not dived for some time and he was a brilliant instructor, making sure I felt safe and confident. It was amazing to be diving again – a big thank you to you Bradley!

All staff were amazing, but a few select people at Jade Mountain were truly exceptional. Ale, one of the butlers, had the social skills of a true charmer. One night, as we left the restaurant and werelooking at the stars – normally you don’t notice them because of all the lights in the city – one of the ladies working at the hotel came up to us and pointed out all the different constallations in the night sky. It was small gestures of kindness like this that made Jade Mountain so special.

Normally, I avoid all inclusive places because the food can get a bit boring. Not so here. At Jade Mountain, the restaurant at the top changed its menu every day, with absolutely divine choices and careful thought given to each dish. The kitchen’s run by a seriously skilled local chef and the waiting team did an outstanding job!

One final tip, if you do decide to stay at this tranquil spot: walk around the rocky coast to the beach at Anse Mamin. The beach is utterly beautiful, and at times you can have it almost to yourself. There’s a small restaurant run by the hotel which does fresh food to die for, and occasionally a lobster buffet — all Covid restriction compliant – with insanely tasty dishes on offer. It musters up a blend of local and European foods (I learned that the Executive Chef is Italian, and he was keeping a close eye on the buffet when I was there!).