Jumpy Bay is just seven minutes away from the Antiguan mainland, and the second you arrive (by boat) you’re struck dumb by the coastline. For starters, the water is exquisite, and the scenery puts the island a world apart from anywhere else I’ve been. Once you hit the hotel deck a member of staff welcomes you, saying ‘welcome to paradise’, and they’re not far off. It is an irreplaceably beautiful spot.

Each villa or suites gives you total privacy, and you’re never overlooking another villa. Everything you need is catered for. The facilities around the resort are both attractive and well-crafted, including a spa, tennis courts, a gym, a restaurant, cycling, a pool, and one of the best beach stretches you can possibly imagine! Your villa reaches onto the beach itself, and the beach is so long that it’s difficult to even get close to other guests – this is exactly how I like it!

The staff were mixed in their friendliness and customer service if I’m completely honest. You might in one moment have a bubbly person bringing you breakfast but then at another you’ll encounter a rather moody individual serving you dinner! The hotel service felt at times a little corporate, with room for improvement when it comes to staff showing their personality more!

The food, too, was OK but not exceptional – if you’re staying for more than ten days, I think you should be aware the food can become monotonous and uncreative after a while.

But all was not gloom nonetheless. The location is profoundly beautiful, and, because the resort is all-inclusive, you’d do well to take a trip to the mainland for some tastier culinary treats. I took the boat – a kind of hotel taxi service – and chanced upon some absolutely amazing restaurants. This became a habit because of the gems I’d found. Papa Zouk, Jacqui O’ Beach House and Le Bistro were big favourites of mine (Papa Zouk’s grilled fish was scrumptious!)

A downside from our end was the staff response to same-sex couples. The resort attracts a lot of Americans and was very much family focused. We felt the staff were slower to warm up to us than with the straight couples – a bit of a shame, to be honest. But this varied, and we found the beach staff and two ladies who did our rooms were exquisite in tone and service.

So Jumpy Bay was a mixed bag – the setting was unmatched in its serenity, but there was a lack of attention to the detail and luxury of the overall experience. I will return though, because the privacy you’re afforded is remarkable, and the turquoise waters and golden beaches in this part of Antigua are simply gorgeous…