Saturday at the V&A

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

I went to check out the V&A Dior exhibition last weekend, and wow! It blew me away! Dior’s reliably exquisite garments are brought into dramatic life by the lighting in the room. There wasn’t a person in there not buzzing from the chic neon backdrop to Dior’s finest designs! Built specifically for the exhibition, the light installations create the most magic of atmospheres! I was admiring a dazzling series of dresses when an American lady approached me. Smiling, she remarked on how my apparent fascination with the women’s wear. We agreed hand on heart that it was the best feature. She said she felt the staging of the V&A’s rooms brought the detail of the dresses to the foreground. My fellow Dior fan had come to London for just a few days and she had refused to leave until she’d seen the exhibition! And no wonder! Dior now has a new designer – Kim Jones (formerly of Louis Vuitton) – working alongside Belgian artistic director Raf Simons, and the label shows no sign of ceasing in the excellence of designs. Jones and Simons promise to deliver new concepts while maintaining the classic Dior textures and tones. Dior looks set to wow us yet more, and the exhibition excites you about Dior’s next moves! The V&A Dior exhibition takes you light years away from the gloom and doom of Brexit! Read the Museum web pages on it here.