Ginger tea & Manuka Honey

The Art of Living at Home

They say home is where the heart is. We’re certainly becoming familiar with our homes thanks to social distancing! I’ve been doing my morning wake-up practice over the past week, listening to sound therapy tracks on iTunes and attuning myself to the day by being still for a moment. And I got to thinking that lockdown doesn’t have to mean feeling down.

It’s tough being bound to four walls, so we need to create tranquil homes that don’t confine us too much in our hearts and minds! This crazy period might just be able to help us realise something we want to change in our lives, perhaps just looking at life differently, or making new friendships and going on new adventures? We might want to review our work life, or even our family life?

We can create an environment that helps us reflect on these aspirations by starting with our homes. There are lots of things we can do to harmonise our homes with our minds. I’ve been starting the days listening to peaceful sounds, like I said, but I also light candles and essence sticks to wake myself up. I’ve arranged plants around my flat too, to invite nature indoors.

It’s pretty crucial that we watch what we eat (and drink!) during this period too. As well as getting our living spaces right, we’re gonna be all the more motivated to make changes by eating healthily and (when possible!) not binging! I recommend you eat smart – lots of fruit and veg. Pack in lots of wholefoods for sustenance (have a peek at I’ve been knocking up an insanely delicious vegan black bean and cashew burger I found on – give it a shot! has some amazing ideas for things like smoked tofu too! And if you’re glued to your computer, choose mixed nuts over chocolate if at all possible! If we match our homes with our diets, then we’ll be in better shape to ponder the changes we want to make when all this is over!

The final idea that springs to mind for making this lockdown period a reflective one is to focus on a calming bedtime ritual. I’ve been sipping ginger tea and manuka honey in my bedroom, with a scented candle burning beside me. I’ve even got into CBD oil – take a look at if you fancy trying it – and for the last six months have been sleeping like a hibernating bear!

These are just a few ways (among many others) that we can make the lockdown a period of reflection on life and on the direction we’re headed. Our homes are our safety bunkers. Our sanctuaries, if you like. They’re the place we retreat to and (paradoxically!) they connect us to the world at the same time. Because they’re our sanctuaries, we should treat them like temples. Clean home, clean mind. As the Buddha said, ‘a disciplined mind brings happiness’, so create the discipline in your home that you want to experience in yourself. Stay active (that’s a must!) but remember to ground yourself in the present moment too. Creating calm in your home will help you do this.